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Understanding The Materials Used In Making Athleisure

  Let’s see what are the various materials that go into the making of  wholesale gym clothes. Natural Materials Wool:  Ideal for controlling body heat, it’s frequently used for outdoor clothing such as hiking. It’s breathable as well as provides moisture protection. Bamboo:  Anti-microbial, durable, and soft – it is an environmentally friendly substitute. Keeps you cozy during winter, alternatively cool in the summer. Artificial Materials Silver:  It is a polyester material that is mixed with cast-off silver threads, and functions as a natural anti-microbial, thus decreasing body odor. Tactel:  Soft, durable, light, and dries much quicker than cotton, it makes for amazing sportswear fabric. Lycra:  Often muddle with spandex, lycra materials are very stretchy and are mixed with other synthetic fabrics to offer support and shape. Used in activewear, swimwear, and underwear. Supplex:  Breathable, quick-drying, and with outstanding color preservation, it’s used in stretch jerseys as well a

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